Le Guide du VTT

For 21 years now, the ATV Guide has been the only such complete reference for consumers seeking information about various ATV models on the market

Each model is tested by the authors who present the technical features and deliver their personal impressions.

The ATV Guide provides accurate information on all available models on the Canadian market. The strengths and weaknesses of different quads are clearly displayed and model characteristics and prices are easy to explore.

ATV fans will find answers to all their questions in this outstanding publication, distributed throughout Canada.

Le Guide du VTT

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Guide du VTT 2017

  • Tous les modèles et leurs fiches techniques
  • Des commentaires pertinents sur presque tous les VTT
  • Un ouvrage de qualité conçu pour des comparaisons rapides entre les fiches techniques et les tables de performances
  • Plusieurs articles plus approfondis et riches d'images en action
  • Presque 150 modèles à l'essai
  • Le Guide du VTT est le seul volume du genre sur le marché!
  • 100% en couleur